FREE PORTRAIT DAY returns to the 2016 AIA MN Convention
Nov 8th-11th 

All registered AEC attendees of this fall's convention will have the opportunity to refresh their portraits with a fresh look.
The portrait studio will be located adjacent to The Minnesota Architectural Foundation's Raffle display area. 

To see as many attendees as possible, I encourage you to pre-register with the form below to get access to the limited number of sessions available during show hall hours. Details will follow once those hours are published. A donation to the Minnesota Architectural Foundation of $20 is suggested in appreciated for this service but it is not required. 

Professional Portraits

In the age of the social network, your virtual presence is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Having a good portrait to use in your professional profile, can separate you from the competition and make you more memorable when it comes time to recruit.

About this Series

It had been a hard few years in the Architectural world with the great recession creating extremely high rates of unemployment. In response I set up a free portrait booth at the IA Minnesota convention in 2012 and 2013. AIA MN and I look forward to doing this again in 2016!