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When i have the opportunity I place my most recent work here. Of course no one likes to have their thunder stollen so like many design projects, filmmaking often require that finished projects aren't published or shared until after they have been published by my clients for a time.

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Missing Middle Housing - The Walking Tour

Missing Middle - Presentation by Opticos Design

AIA St. Paul and AARP Minnesota:
Missing Middle Housing


AIA St. Paul and AARP Minnesota present "Missing Middle Housing", a presentation by Dan Parolek of Opticos Design, that responds to the demand for walkable urban living.

What is Missing Middle?

With walkable, mixed-use real estate now in high demand as an economic engine for cities, metropolitan governments are reexamining how to build productive, resilient urban places to attract young talent, aging demographics, and new employment sectors. A crucial factor in their development is diversity—not just diversity of residents, but in housing, transportation, and workplace choices.

“Missing Middle” was coined by Daniel Parolek of Opticos Design, Inc. in 2010 to define a range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for walkable urban living.

Presented - Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Minnesota History Center, St Paul
Chapter: AIA St. Paul

Project Scope

Ryan Siemers Photo+Design filmed the live event at Minnesota Historical Society’s 3M Auditorium with a 2 person crew and made a live edit of the presentation for later online sharing by the American Institute of Architects, AARP, and Opticos Design.

A Walking Tour of the neighborhood around St Paul Cathedral was originally included in the events surrounding the presentation and Ryan Siemers Photo+Design was also commissioned to film this and edit it into a trailer about both events together.

AIA MN St Paul intends to use these videos to generate future interest in future walking tours and presentations.

Opticos Design is using the walking tour video to promote Missing Middle Housing design and their work in furthering it’s place in communities.

AARP Minnesota is using this video to advocate on behalf of it’s members to communities to advance the cause of aging in place (remaining within the communities that seniors might otherwise need to leave due to housing constraints).

General Mills:
Move To Fuse

When a fortune 500 company is changing their team's workplace, it's going to raise some questions & concerns. With concerns about an "Open Office" concept, it's important to clarify why a Flexible User Shared Environment works and how it's better than the way historical enclosed cubicle environments functioned.

The FUSE Team at General Mills has been evolving the workplace at General Mills since roughly 2007 so they've witnessed and addressed many of the challenges that accompany Activity Based Working and identified how to give users a broader set of spaces that fit the need of the moment.  

Filmed over the course of only 1-1/2 days, this project required a lot of preproduction in order to efficiently and effectively tell the story of FUSE in a way that was relatable to 3 generations of workers coming from a wide variety of workplace backgrounds. Strong research, scripting, storyboarding, flowcharting, casting and even focus grouping in collaboration with the FUSE team really made this project a success.

Swan Architecture:
A "Behind the Design" Series

When you need to distinguish yourself from the pack, the most effective way, is to show your work and let it speak for it self.  And what better way to show your work, than through the eyes of your clients. The Behind the Design series of films for Swan Architecture does exactly that. 

Swan Architecture:
Nature's Gate

Swan Architecture:
Cedar Point

Swan Architecture:
Modern Comfort

Working with Wood

Material Health in the Workplace

Perspectives of Architecture

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