Charles Orton

An introduction

The focus of this blog is about how architecture and design is being explored, portrayed, and used in the various incarnations of motion (short & long form). The purpose being to help all those in creative fields to learn and grow in their ideas and concepts about how to communicate their work to other designers, clients, and the public at large.

This blog shall include examples from both 3rd parties as well as my own work. Some may see this as a risk. Why talk about your "competition"? I see it as an opportunity to help the tide rise for all boats.

My hope is that this blog will not be afraid to include work that may at times be very conceptual, theoretical, critical, and controversial. Exploration and experimentation are a cornerstone in this creative industry, and the chance at failure must be allowed for growth to occur.  

So, in this inaugural post,  I submit for your consideration two conversations taking place about how and where architects specifically are interacting and using video/motion/film today.

The first is a recap of a local panel discussion that took place at the Minnesota Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Minnesota. 

At this Minneapolis luncheon,  Charles Orton from AEComNat Madson from VJAA, and Grant Eull from Pixel Farm present several ways architects and designers are using video to express their ideas and convey complex concepts.

In this second video, Red Mike of Spirit of Space discusses "filming architecture" with Edward Lifson, Jonathan Rosenbaum, and  Lee Bey in a panel discussion at the Chicago 2011 Architecture & Design Film Festival.