Diller & Scofidio

Spacial Experience & Interaction

Architecture is about more than the simple programming of spaces. It is also about the orchestration of movement through space as well as harmonizing or challenging the  experience of space. 

While a great deal about the behavior of users is generally understood and planned for, there are always opportunities to bend or play with the bounds of what our interaction and experience of "place" can come to mean to us.

Alan Parkinson (Luminarium), Diller & Scofidio (the blur building),  and Zaha Hadid (Guangzhou Opera House) are just a few architects who explore the meaning of space and through doing so, they are challenging our definition of what we come to expect. 

How we experience space is only one half of the importance of these experiments. The  we interact with these environments is another. Other's exploring this concept are groups of visual artists like Marshmallow Laser Feast and participation designers like Daily tous les jours. Here are some of their experiments of space and interaction.