Videotect: Skyways of Minnesota

There were some great entries into the very first Videotect competition held by the AIA MN and Architecture Minnesota.

Over 1,500 unique viewers cast their votes for viewers favorites, and Craig Hinrichs and I were thrilled to make the top 5. Which allowed our film to be viewed at the Videotect Awards at the Walker Art Center.

After tax season I'll be sure to have some follow up thoughts on this whole endeavor. For now. Enjoy the film and if you have any thoughts you like to share here. I'd love to keep the discussion about the skyways going.


There's a GREAT write up by Scott P Donaldson

The top five finalists were (in order of appearance)

1) IDE[A]

2) Tucker

3) Lindau

4) O'Malley

5) Siemers

The viewers choice was chosen from that 5 was Tucker
It got a lot of laughs in the audience, it was nicely executed, and it was a good story.

Honorable Mentions went to
1 IDE[A], 3 Lindau, and 2 Tucker
1 was beautiful and interesting, with good pacing.
3 was a humorous discussion of the opposing perspectives of the skyways, but yet impossible to watch without eye strain, even with the red blue glasses
2 (as described above)

The judges' selection for winner was.... Davy
This film focused on one simplistic criticism that persists about the skyways, calling them mindless walkways that at times feel like they lead to nowhere. There's an interesting write up about the "zombie" perspective by Steve Berg at the, I have to disagree with the notion that skyways are leading downtown in the wrong direction.

What the judges had to say about their selection:
" was clear"..."... It had a perspective that was emotional..." was experimental..." had a clear beginning middle and end..." resonated with me..."

Some interesting articles about the competition were written as well. I've posted my own thoughts as comments to some of those articles.

Hannah Feder

MinnPost - Cityscape: Videos explore life in Twin Cities skyways by Steve Berg

The Journal - Video contest winner critiques the skyway by Andre Eggert

the line - Skyway video contest inspires many different impressions of the indoor walkways