Bloomington Summer Fete (2011)


This image was purchased by the City of Bloomington earlier this year to advertise this year's summer activities In Bloomington, including Summer FeteIf you've ever wished you could make it to 2 or three shows when the Fourth of July comes around, Bloomington's annual Summer Fete celebrates independence day a little early.

A disturbing new trend in public fireworks.

 I love capturing the audience's revelry as this light show begins, however in an effort to explore new territory, I decided to be a little further back from the fireworks this year. Partly this has to do with how rude I felt setting up in a location that affected ANYONE's view. That feeling was diminished when I saw folks who set up tent pavilions to wait out the sun the evening's show. The walking path may look like unused space in the day, but as 10-20 minutes before the show, this place is filled to overflowing and almost every patch of earth is filled.

I did spend part of the day earlier taking some pictures of the day's activities. These images are generally only good for editorial use since MN protects the public from commercial sales of an individual's likeness without concen. They are my way of giving back to part of the community I'm part of.

NOW On to the main Attraction! Click on any of the images below to view them full screen, or click here to see the full gallery. To get the best experience, I'd recommend watching the slideshow. Pricing and availability of these images is being determined. But for now, enjoy!

Opening shots are fired at Bloomington Summere Fete