Tulsa City-County Library:

I was commissioned in the fall of 2011, by Meyer Scherer and Rockcastle, to develop this short film to raise capital for the renovation of this historic library.

It used to be, that when you went to a book repository, you had to look up a book in a catalogue or index, then go up to a librarian and then make a request for them to retrieve it for you.

In 1965 the Tulsa City-County Library reformed reformed our idea of what a library is. Becoming one of the first in the nation to the first in the nation to use today's standard of browsing books in an "Open Library".

Today, the library continues to serve all members of the community. Serving as a gateway to resources that anyone can access. Students young and old, families, community groups, entrepreneurs, and large businesses.

As our culture continues to evolve in the way we learn, consume information, and gather as a community, this video unveils the concept design of the the architects of MS&R Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. (www.msrltd.com) and associate architect Crafton Tull Associates, Inc., look to reinvigorate Tulsa City-County Library for the next 50 years.

In next week's post we'll go deeper into the production of this film.