32bit Photo Real HDR Still Images

Altus Architecture Recieved the 2010 AIA Minnesota Honor Award for this Minnetonka home http://www.altusarch.com/minnetonka.htmlOne of the tools many Architectural Photographers use when working with only available light, is a technique call High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. It is the process of taking multiple exposures of the same scene and layering them together to fill in detail in the shadows and recover detail in blown out highlight areas.

This technique has also been taken to extremes for some artistic intrepretations of places, and objects to create some really wild work. Since it is art, and challenges our interpretation of what we know, some like the final result, some don't.

When I use HDR for Architecture, my greatest interest is recreating a realistic composition of the space I'm capturing. While there is still room for artistic flair, it's important to me that I avoid a surreal impression that doesn't convey one's actual experience or impression.

Here is one technique that helps achive those results.