Dane Sanders

Free Marketing Telesummit!

Master Photographers' Marketing Series is having a lecture series produced by Sarah Petty's The Joy of marketing. 

Heres the deal. Click the link or the banner and register for the telesummit. They'll send you a telephone number and access code and you attend as you please on Sept 28th and 29th. 

Why is it Free? Well after the summit they know that there will be a ton of people who are willing to pay for what these folks have to say. That's how they plan on paying for their costs. They plan on selling all 16 Hours for ~$100. But if you just want to catch what you can from them Live, its NO COST TO YOU. 

If you're like me and will probably want to access this great information on a piece by piece basis or you simply can't dedicate 16 straight hours to these two days, you can preorder the recordings for half off.