My Role & Experiences

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Role in Brief:

CAD, Modeling & Rendering, Photoshop, Award Submittal

Role Description:

As a college intern with the Design Group of Opus A&E, my ideas and energy were greeted with enthusiasm and I had the privilege to be a part of the conceptual design work. Which was where we developed a 21st century massing for the parti of the Roman Spa.

While I like to think that this was my first foray into professional design, my most significant role was in modeling the site topography and some of the initial massing studies in 3DStudio Max. However this allowed me to also create alternatives on the fly and present new ideas to the language of the architecture.

Lessons Learned:

The most influential part of this project for me was how the senior designer on the project was invigorating to work with in his process and helped me to understand how the clarity of a concept will help guide all your decisions.


Additionally when I returned to Opus A&E I participated heavily in the award submittal to the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), which won the Mid-America chapter’s Best Project.