Oil: A Love Story

Rochelle Gibbs and I were fortunate to cover another fantastic event organized by Solutions Twin Cities to entertain, inform, and engage. 

"Oil: A Love Story" was presented November 12th at 7PM at Intermedia Arts, in Minneapolis, MN.

George Henderson - Tuned our TV back to the past with "Oil Science Theater"
Matt Huber - Drove us to see how "Oil As a Way of Life" is embedded in our lifestyle choices
Bruce Braun - Reconnected us to Oil and the "Technological Unconscious"

After a quick Q&A with George, Matt, & Bruce The audience and speakers smelled Oil from around the world, made smoothies with their own energy, and learned how much pedal power was needed for light in incandescent and florescent light bulbs.

Matthew Schnider-Mayerson rounded off the evening by presenting the "Post-Carbon World" expressing both hope and realism in the effects of being caught off guard or well prepared.

For the official descriptions of each topic: click here