Event Photography

YELP's Deep Blue Sea Elite Event

My first 2011 project blogged is actually bow to my Sister Company, Capture M.O.R.

I'm finishing work on three commercial projects that will be posted before the end of January.


Photo by Ryan Siemers

As I've begun to split my event and family work into a new copmany of it's own, I will ahve a little overlap so that audiences get directed to the right place. Below is a highlight of the nights photos.

Here's the official blog post from Yelp about the night!

Here's a full gallery of the nights images and a highres version of the movie below.



Give & Take - June, 2010

“This month, Give & Take acts as the closing event for Works Progress' newest exhibition We Work Here: A Conversation on Art, Economics, and Community. This months Give & Take event will continue to explore these themes and engage the audience in a conversation on the value of creative work to our lives, our economies and our communities.” - Work’s Progress

Oil: A Love Story

Rochelle Gibbs and I were fortunate to cover another fantastic event organized by Solutions Twin Cities to entertain, inform, and engage. 

"Oil: A Love Story" was presented November 12th at 7PM at Intermedia Arts, in Minneapolis, MN.

George Henderson - Tuned our TV back to the past with "Oil Science Theater"
Matt Huber - Drove us to see how "Oil As a Way of Life" is embedded in our lifestyle choices
Bruce Braun - Reconnected us to Oil and the "Technological Unconscious"

After a quick Q&A with George, Matt, & Bruce The audience and speakers smelled Oil from around the world, made smoothies with their own energy, and learned how much pedal power was needed for light in incandescent and florescent light bulbs.

Matthew Schnider-Mayerson rounded off the evening by presenting the "Post-Carbon World" expressing both hope and realism in the effects of being caught off guard or well prepared.

For the official descriptions of each topic: click here 

Give & Take, Sept. 2009

When the Call Came in to be a last minute Photographer for Give & Take, I answered the call with Rochelle Gibbs.

Give & Take (produced by SolutionsTwinCities.org) is where Happy Hour Meets Show and Tell. 

"Give & Take subverts the traditional short-format presentation model that says information has to flow one way - from the presenter to the audience. We do this by asking everybody in attendance, presenters and audience, two questions:

    1) What do you know about?
    2) What do you want to know about?" SolutionsTwinCities.org

Featured here are the images I made from the Event. Rochelle and my photos will be posted to STC's Flickr Site in the near future