Jockimo at Mayo Clinic

Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products was so happy with our first collaboration, they invited me to photograph another project in a very difficult setting. 

The Mayo Clinic's Bookstore is a beautifully renovated space which incorporates a very contemporary receptionist/sales desk and study space. This desk separates the sales and display area from a study/meeting space.

The most formidable challenge to this space was lighting. Do to constraints of working within operating hours, no additional lighting equipment was used beyond a couple strobes for tests. The range of color casts by the "native" light available, included Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Daylight. Even with an Expo-disk, Another challenge was deciding how true to the "existing" conditions in post.

This is a perfect example of when a Color Card is more critical than a Grey Card or Expodisk. Because the conditions of light change with every position.