Jockimo Antique Mirrors: Residential

Part of the Charleston Series of projects I completed a while back. My client has finally just published this project which means I get to share too. 

I photographed this home and it's several applications of Jockimo's Antique Mirrors. This challenging set of spaces was documented while still under construction. However, you'd never guess from my photos. 

Jockimo MirrorUnique™

I was thrilled to travel to Charleston to photograph some great projects produced by Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products.

One of my missions on this trip was to capture the quality and beauty of the Jockimo's new MirrorUnique™ wall mirrors. To learn more, click here to visit their website

This video was also produced by Ryan Siemers Photography and Design to quickly give a vignette of each. The full images will be hosted on Jockimo's product gallery (


Charleston - 4 Days 7 Projects.

I just returned from a new round of projects in Charleston SC.

I'll be posting articles about each project. Here's a Sneak Peak at what you can come back to see.

UPDATE! All Images in this post are now links to take you to the full gallery of final images from each project. Short Product Films are currently in production and will be posted in the near future.

Monza Restaurant

Mirrors at the Haute Interior Design Studio

Closed for Business

 Mercato Restaurant

Antique Mirrors at Gadsden Retirement Community

Snowden Residence

Cypress Restaurant 


Oklahoma City Federal Building

I am pleased to share one of my latest projects for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products at Oklahoma City Federal Building. 

To view the full gallery, click on any of the images below.

Designed by Ross Barney+Jankowski Architects

This powerful landmark balances both security, access, and a local language of materiality incredibly well. This important landmark was built to replace the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building after the 1995 bombing where 168 people perished.

I was honored to be given access to document it through the lens of two quality products from Jockimo.

1) Jockimo Laminated Cast Glass Hand Rail

These Luminous panels punctuate the paths on the north and south of the building that lead to central public entrance. Providing moment's of pause along one's journey and an opportunity to reflect on both a past and a present.

2) Jockimo UL Ultimate Privacy™ Glass Flooring 

32 Glass Flooring Panels were used to create this bridge unites the halves of this building at the central atrium. They project an image of fragility while simultaneously expressing resilience in their utility. There is also a steadfastness in the simple metal framing that elegantly piece these panels of translucent panels together.

This short promotional film was also a product I produced for Jockimo. If it were possible to film more here, I would take it. 

I want to personally thank those who provided their help with coordinating access and permission in order to make this project happen. Special care and attention was made throughout this project to respect the men and women who continue to serve at this facility.


Jockimo at the Streeter Apartments

Jockimo's Beautiful Cast Waterfall Texture Glass is located in the Rental Office of the Streeter Apartments in Chicago IL.

This texture has some great characteristics for both privacy and light transmission

To View all the images from this photoshoot, click here.


Architect: Solomon, Cordwell, & Buenz

Construction: Foxfield Construction LTD

Glass Installer: Midwest Architectural Glass, (815)727-3838


HDR and Tonemapping for reality: Pt 1

I'm still recovering from a serious hard drive fail this week, pushing many things back. But as I am finally back up and running, I've run across a perfect example of when to use HDR to re-create the reality of a place. Many have already experienced "HDR" as an option for creating unique highly artistic images of places, people, and things.

An Example of Artistic HDR-Tonemapping.

However in Architecture, authenticity is king. That's where a good eye and memory for a place becomes irreplaceable as you edit your work.

I'm presently working on a series of photos for my favorite Architectural Glass Manufacturer and Client, Jockimo. They have a beautiful installation of their product as a bridge inside the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The challenge however is that while daylighting was pretty balanced compared to other spaces, the interior lighting just can't match the same intensity of the exterior. Even on an overcast day, like the one I  worked with.

Why is this a problem? In a simplified explanation, the human eye, in concert with the brain, has a terrific ability to process a high dynamic range of light. However cameras have a much harder time mixing the range of light and color that we perceive. In many places you'll have a small range of light (or low contrast), either it's dark or it's bright. However for many interior spaces, the range differs greatly between interior lights and sunlight.

Essentially the camera has to choose to capture a set range of light. Say on a scale of 1-24 stops, the human eye can see about 14 stops of light. The BEST digital Cameras will be able to see about 11 of that 24 (depending on if it's film, digital, or the actual size of the medium it's capturing the image on). That's why when you photograph someone inside you don't want them to stand in front of a window. (if you're not using a flash). Click here For some great educational material that really goes in depth on both dynamic range and the perception of color.

Interior ExposureIntermediate ExposureExterior Exposure





Traditionally a photographer has to "compromise" to photograph for the darker range (let the outdoors be blown out), or the lighter range (things inside get uncharacteristically muddy and dark). With the advent of brilliant software like Photomatix and HDR EFEX Pro you can bring the light back into range.

Final Processed HDR-Tonemapped Image

Many artistic images can create stunning and beautiful image by going to extremes. However, when telling the story of Architecture and Commercial Products, it doesn’t help your client sell their product when you can't tell how a final product actually looks and feels. Your image still deserves the attention it deserves to make it beautiful, things like, punch color or contrast a tad, but you don’t want to give a false sense of the product.

By the way, I have to say that working with the kind folks there was a particular treat. I know they've been through a lot and I appreciate their kindness and trust in allowing me to document such a fantastic place.

Three videos from Ohio.

The last of the videos has been crafted from my trip in Ohio for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products. 

Each of these is viewable at Youtube or Vimeo.

NBBJ requested a custom texture utilizing Jockimo's Escapade Texture as the canvas and then creating a segmented brick like pattern within the panels.

This developed into a texture called Moonglow Escapade. Jockimo then painted a custom Pantone match color in transparent paint.

Holes were drilled into the glass and then stand offs were attached to mount the darker colored laminated glass panels.

Client: Blanchard Valley Hospital - Findlay, OH

Glass: Jockimo custom "Moonglow Escapade" texture
Scope: 1/2" Clear glass - back painted
Designer: NBBJ
Installer: Celina Glass
Description from



Jockimo's Privacy™ Frost glass flooring is utilized in this state of the art Gold's Gym in Cleveland OH.

All glass includes Jockimo's anti-slip GlassGrit™ walking surface and the treads have our Monolithically polished edges.

All glass is tempered and laminated and the project was engineered by Jockimo's engineers specifically for the project.

Client: Gold's Gym - Cleveland, OH
Glass: Jockimo Ultimate Privacy™ Frost glass flooring

-Description from


A Catholic college preparatory high school community that promotes the academic, spiritual, social and physical development of their students, came to Jockimo to provide them with Cast glass for this new school.

Jockimo's Tigres texture was chosen for this project.

Holes were provided to accommodate mounting hardware.

Client: St. Francis de Sales High School - Toledo, OH
Glass: Jockimo Tigres texture
Scope: 15 panels of 3/8" clear Tempered glass
Glazier: Toledo Mirror and Glass Co.

Description from




Chi-nnati's of Cincinnati

Project Details from Jockimo: 
Product Client: Chi-nnati's Pizza - Cincinatti, OH
Glass: MirrorUnique

Architect: Unknown

A project in Ohio, that Jockimo wanted some new pictures for. This Antiqued Mirror fits nicely in Chi-nnati's. It's burnished bronze appearance adds to the atmosphere of the long row of tall tables. The slight tilt to the mirror helps to capture some of the beautiful ceiling decorations while enjoying some of their delicious Chicago style pizza.

Jockimo @ 525 Vine

 I recently returned from a road trip of photographing several projects for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products. 

I'll be posting a series of these over the course of the week, with some follow-ups before the new year with 1-2 minute trailer movies for a few of them.

While I didn't have much time to spend in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hadn't expected to learn that it shares a kindship with Minneapolis/St. Paul. Downtown Cincinnati also has an extensive skyway sysyem. 525 Vine is at the "interchange" of a street entrance and connecting skyway route, creating an opportunity to greet and orrient pedestrians and workers with a landmark entrance. 

Jockimo supplied their "Classic" and "Revo" textures combined, to develop this custom logo for 525 Vine. 

Project Details from Jockimo: 
Product Client: 525 Vine - Cincinatti, OH
Glass: Jockimo Classic & Revo textures

Architect: SFA Architects
Glazier: Celina Glass




Jockimo at Union Station

Part two of my series of projects in Ontario Canada:

A brief building description summarized from

Union Station had a long journey to its opening day in 1927. While construction started in 1914 it was

delayed both by WWI and the Grand Trunk Railway collapse of 1919. On top of that the station had completed construction in 1921 but remained closed due to legal disputes between the various stake holders that caused key infrastructure to also be delayed until 1924. More here

This was Designed in the traditions of the beaux-Arts style and was the most opulent station erected in Canada. The great hall is a four story barrel vaulted space with glass walls on the east and west ends.

Several architects collaborated on Union Station. Including the firm of G.A Ross and R.H, Hugh Jones, and John M. Lyle. More here.

Materials of the great hall (photographed)
Floors = Tennessee marble (Herringbone pattern)
Walls = Zumbro stone from Missouri
Ceiling = Gustavino tiles

(for more information visit or which is where this description is abridged from

Jockimo Flooring:

The glass walls on either end of the great hall hide the functioning corridors that connect various administrative areas. Jockimo's Glass Floor was the perfect solution to Keeping these hallways filled with as much natural daylight as possible.


The final Commercial Video for Jockimo

Can't see the video? Head on over to Youtube to see it there!

Jockimo @ Waterloo Regional Museum

It's been a CRAZY month of work. I'm going to follow this up with alot more description within the next week, but I wanted to share this with you because of the Follow Friday Love I recieved from @zacuto_sue.

Essentially Jockimo was the Manufacturer of this Glass Flooring that encases an amazing feature of the "Crossroads" of history that the Waterloo Region Museum is all about. I have alot to share, but this video will wet your tastebuds.

Update 10/11/2010:

I'm pleased to announce that Jockimo has now released several final videos I've produced of their products over the last few months. They now have a youtube channel for disseminating these videos in just another outlet. I will be posting each of the projects on my blog as well. 

The video posted here is the final product for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products along with their description:

Jockimo Inc. produced and provided our UL approved Crystal Clear™ glass flooring for the Waterloo Region Museum in Toronto, Canada. At the intersection of the alignment of Huron Road and Grand Trunk Railway train tracks, which are carried through the building, is our glass floor to accentuate the crossroads theme of the building. Due to the fact that our Crystal Clear™ glass is visually clear patrons can see the railroad tracks and rocks under our glass. The glass was cut to custom sizes to accommodate the design.

Die-Bar Chandelier at Tramonto's

I believe in pushing the limits of what I produce when I collaborate on a project. Jockimo was thrilled with my exploration of video for their project @ ING-Direct.

Here we are using a dolly rig to use motion around the Glass Chandelier to give detail to it's form and depth to it's setting at Tramonto's Steak and Seafood.

As with all things technical, the more experience built, the more innovation. In this case I have already identified a few additional methods to improve the quality of the motion for future projects.

No Flash Support?? Check it out here.

Let me know what you think. 

If any photographers are interested in learning more, please leave a comment or question.

Advocate General Lutheran

Click the image to go to the project galleryAnother terrific example of Jockimo's Liquid Lava Floor Tiles. These were installed in another Illinois Hospital designed by OWP/P Architects. In fact this product was installed in three separate areas in the children's wing of the Hospital. 2 Waiting Areas and a water fountain, just outside the entrance to the children's wing.

Northwest Community Hospital

Click the image to go to the full gallery.This Liquid Lava Installation of Jockimo's is located in the Childrens ER at Northwest Community Hospital, designed by OWP/P Architects. It provides an interactive element to help give children, waiting to feel better, something fun to keep their mind on. These children needed no coaxing or stage direction to know exactly what to do. It was a fun shoot and they did a terrific job. 

Tramonto's Restaurant

Click to go to the Image GalleryLocated at the Westin North Shore, Tramonto's Steak and Seafood offers a fantastic dining experience. Jockimo's Die Bar Glass Chandelier could be the center of attention if the food wasn't so good. Check out the details at or go directly to the Westin and see for your self.


Jockimo at Amery Regional Medical Center

Jockimo Advance Architectural Products again contracted my services to also capture the public welcoming areas of Amery Regional Medical Center. 

Jockimo's art glass was incorporated extensively in several unique ways that allow privacy and screening of the various areas of the Medical Center's welcoming, registration, scheduling, and waiting areas.

Technical Note: All images were shot with available light. 

Jockimo at Mayo Clinic

Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products was so happy with our first collaboration, they invited me to photograph another project in a very difficult setting. 

The Mayo Clinic's Bookstore is a beautifully renovated space which incorporates a very contemporary receptionist/sales desk and study space. This desk separates the sales and display area from a study/meeting space.

The most formidable challenge to this space was lighting. Do to constraints of working within operating hours, no additional lighting equipment was used beyond a couple strobes for tests. The range of color casts by the "native" light available, included Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Daylight. Even with an Expo-disk, Another challenge was deciding how true to the "existing" conditions in post.

This is a perfect example of when a Color Card is more critical than a Grey Card or Expodisk. Because the conditions of light change with every position. 

Jockimo Glass at ING Direct

I met Tim Czechowski from Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products at the AIA-Minnesota convention recently. I was very impressed with the quality and interesting properties of his glass products. The Following is a product installation in St. Cloud at ING-Direct. If you're in the area and want to see it in person, the wall is in the public cafe.

I believe this is a product type that is given valued by going beyond the static image. So I decided that this is a perfect test case for my DSLR's video capability. Frankly speaking, I'm personally not satisfied with it's video quality yet. I saw a lot of noise and grain even before I started to play with contrast and exposure in post. If I have a client specifically interested in this use, I'll specifically rent better equipment.

However, the video (Viewed at higher quality here) is an example of how to incorporate mixed media for product promotional material using the photographer's eye. 

(Please note, this video is not intended for commercial use. It is only an experiment.)