Videotect Update: View and Vote!

I just returned from a series of projects in Chicago and Oklahoma City to learn that the films for Videotect are now online. There are some real gems in this group. My collaborator and co-director, Craig Hinrichs and I are very pleased with our film, Ups and Downs, and feel it adds humor and joy to this visual conversation about skyways and their impact on the urban environment.

Voting will be taking place from this link March 7th-18th (under the name "Siemers") and we would love your support. But we hope you get a chance to enjoy many of these films whenever you find some free time. These votes will help select the films that will be shown March 31st at the Walker Art Center Cinema. Where winners will be selected from both the Audience and anounced by the Videotect Jury.

Ryan Siemers and Craig Hinrichs from Architecture Minnesota on Vimeo.

Voting will be taking place from this link March 7th-18th



Now Recruiting!

A new opportunity has been announced by the AIA and Architecture Minnesota Magazine

Videotect: Trailer from Architecture Minnesota on Vimeo.


Do you have a story or perspective on the skyway system of The Twin Cities. A thesis that expresses your view.

I want to collaborate with those who want to share their perspective.

The Deadline: Final Submissions by Feb 25th 2011.

If you are interested in participating this is a short 1 month commitment but I need to put together a team by this Feb 2nd in order for this to stand a realistic opportunity.

The Reward

This isn't about prize money. It's a chance to be heard. It's a chance to share your talent and skill with a community that appreciates it and may have use for it. It's a chance to impact our society's dreamers, thinkers, policy makers and builders.

The Team

The timeline is short, the team must meet the challenge.

The Urban Theologian

One who is passionate about the history and effects of the skyways of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and hopefully familiar with skyways of other cities. 

The Illustrator.

The one who can convey complex ideas and Clearly tell represent them in diagrams, drawings, and illustrations (analogue and digital).

The Director

The one who sees the big picture, and keeps everyone involved focused on their roles.

The Principal Photographer (Filled)

The one who can see and share the world as the story requires.

The Editor

The one who knows the story and fits all the pieces together and is able to be merciless about what gets left on the cutting room floor.

The Colorist

A post production guru who can will put the polish the final product.

What do I bring to the team?

I have the equipment to capture the story and the vision to see with your perspective.

I am an architectural designer by training and an architectural photographer by passion. Due to the timeline I can help with developing the storyboard, and principal photography.


Email me with:
1) Your name
2) Contact info
3) What role you want to fill.

Jockimo @ 525 Vine

 I recently returned from a road trip of photographing several projects for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products. 

I'll be posting a series of these over the course of the week, with some follow-ups before the new year with 1-2 minute trailer movies for a few of them.

While I didn't have much time to spend in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hadn't expected to learn that it shares a kindship with Minneapolis/St. Paul. Downtown Cincinnati also has an extensive skyway sysyem. 525 Vine is at the "interchange" of a street entrance and connecting skyway route, creating an opportunity to greet and orrient pedestrians and workers with a landmark entrance. 

Jockimo supplied their "Classic" and "Revo" textures combined, to develop this custom logo for 525 Vine. 

Project Details from Jockimo: 
Product Client: 525 Vine - Cincinatti, OH
Glass: Jockimo Classic & Revo textures

Architect: SFA Architects
Glazier: Celina Glass