Product Announcements: What catches my attention.

When it comes to exploring new equipment and planning how to investment in my work. I pay a lot of attention to new products that come on the market. Not just because I love new gear, more because I need to find gear that solves problems for my clients and makes the time I spend on a shoot more about the creation of images, not the pain of technical issues.

The hardest thing to do however, is get a true apples to apples comparison while also sorting out hype and rumor. When it comes to High End professional equipment, the other thing you have to do is filter out a company's own marketing pitch.

That is why I am extremely pleased to have come across this very well made demo of the 5DmkIII, from Canon France. 


I give this demo film from the 5DmkIII a huge two thumbs up.

As someone who films more architectural subject matter than fast action/crazy race/fast moving features, I really appreciate the assortment of views of essentially the same subject matter as it changes over time and in various lighting conditions.

There were so many things to appreciate about this demo. The shift in scale. Exploring exploring multiple fascist of the striking color, skin tonality and texture. Additionally they seemed well aware of including multiple surface types. All with varying levels of reflectivity, specular, and material composition. ALL of that let me really understand a camera system’s potential for image making.

While I don't appreciate the bump in the price tag, I can really feel connected to the potential I can squeeze out of this camera. 

New Gear: Manfroto Photo/Video Head

The Manfroto Photo/Video Head (obscure Model #MH055M8-Q5) is Manfroto's first photo/video head and is looking to fill a gap in the Hybrid DSLR market.

While the Manfroto 501HDV Fluid Head that I've been using is really great for dedicated video work but it's just not suited for adapting it to still photography when my 2nd camera is occupying my Induro PHQ-3 (also a fantastic piece of work).

Once I put this beautiful piece of industrial design through the paces, I'll give you my own take on it. Until then, I'm going to let the folks from Manfroto show you themselves. (It's a little bit of a back story behind WHY this is a nice move in the marketplace, but it's a little slow to the point. Skip to 2:20 to head right into the product demo.)

Manfrotto Photo-Movie Head by Drew Gardner from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

Manfrotto Imagine More - Pro from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

Three videos from Ohio.

The last of the videos has been crafted from my trip in Ohio for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products. 

Each of these is viewable at Youtube or Vimeo.

NBBJ requested a custom texture utilizing Jockimo's Escapade Texture as the canvas and then creating a segmented brick like pattern within the panels.

This developed into a texture called Moonglow Escapade. Jockimo then painted a custom Pantone match color in transparent paint.

Holes were drilled into the glass and then stand offs were attached to mount the darker colored laminated glass panels.

Client: Blanchard Valley Hospital - Findlay, OH

Glass: Jockimo custom "Moonglow Escapade" texture
Scope: 1/2" Clear glass - back painted
Designer: NBBJ
Installer: Celina Glass
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Jockimo's Privacy™ Frost glass flooring is utilized in this state of the art Gold's Gym in Cleveland OH.

All glass includes Jockimo's anti-slip GlassGrit™ walking surface and the treads have our Monolithically polished edges.

All glass is tempered and laminated and the project was engineered by Jockimo's engineers specifically for the project.

Client: Gold's Gym - Cleveland, OH
Glass: Jockimo Ultimate Privacy™ Frost glass flooring

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A Catholic college preparatory high school community that promotes the academic, spiritual, social and physical development of their students, came to Jockimo to provide them with Cast glass for this new school.

Jockimo's Tigres texture was chosen for this project.

Holes were provided to accommodate mounting hardware.

Client: St. Francis de Sales High School - Toledo, OH
Glass: Jockimo Tigres texture
Scope: 15 panels of 3/8" clear Tempered glass
Glazier: Toledo Mirror and Glass Co.

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New Arrival - It's a Kessler!

So as I've been venturing into video, but still trying to stay a lightweight operation I keep my eyes out for tools that will fill that mission and provide consistent and accuracy.


This, is the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly (with a couple additional accessories) from Kessler Crane.

WHAT is the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly?

The Simple Description: It is a controlled track for linear movement used in movie production.

The More elegant descrtiption (See the Famous Mr. Bloom Below)

I may in deed trade this in for it's well esteemed bigger brother, the Cineslider, but I'm going to see how dangerous I can be with just 3' of track. It will allow me to stay nimble and continue to work in areas that are moderately occupied while being able to stay out of the way.