Pocket Dolly

New Arrival - It's a Kessler!

So as I've been venturing into video, but still trying to stay a lightweight operation I keep my eyes out for tools that will fill that mission and provide consistent and accuracy.


This, is the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly (with a couple additional accessories) from Kessler Crane.

WHAT is the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly?

The Simple Description: It is a controlled track for linear movement used in movie production.

The More elegant descrtiption (See the Famous Mr. Bloom Below)

I may in deed trade this in for it's well esteemed bigger brother, the Cineslider, but I'm going to see how dangerous I can be with just 3' of track. It will allow me to stay nimble and continue to work in areas that are moderately occupied while being able to stay out of the way.