Northwest Community Hospital

Click the image to go to the full gallery.This Liquid Lava Installation of Jockimo's is located in the Childrens ER at Northwest Community Hospital, designed by OWP/P Architects. It provides an interactive element to help give children, waiting to feel better, something fun to keep their mind on. These children needed no coaxing or stage direction to know exactly what to do. It was a fun shoot and they did a terrific job. 

A New Addition

My son joined this world on 3/4/2010 @ 2:20pm @ 7lbs 2oz, 21" tall with a head of dark hair.

His journey was a topsy turvy one, filled with flips and kicks, so much so he even managed to tie a little knot around his umbilical cord. If it hadn't been for close monitoring of his mother, we may have been less fortunate.

He's considered to be a "last minute" preemie baby, since he was born just a day before 37 weeks.

If you have any trouble viewing the slideshow below, please visit my "work in progress gallery" at,

Neighborhood Block Party

We recently had a block party and I took the opportunity to document the occasion.

All attending the party will be able to print any of the images by simply clicking on the large image in the slide show and going to my SmugMug page. It is unlisted for anyone not going directly to the gallery.

For privacy purposes, if anyone wants your photo removed please let me know and I'll take care of it.