Welcome to Capture M.O.R.

I've been hard at work on a new branch of business focused on providing candid a unique approach to Family Photography, what I call "Candid Life Events". Capture M.O.R. stands for "Capture Moments of...Relationships, Romance, Respect, Rejoice, R......etc"

Capture M.O.R.'s principles guide this style of photography to focus around the life of family and document events as it naturally occurs. In other words out of the studio and into life. 

Capture M.O.R. will now be where all Lifestyle and Event photography will be published and distributed. Allowing Ryan Siemers Photography and Design to be a dedicated location for all things Design. I will be migrating some galleries from but maintaining links to anything already posted for your reference. This will occur over time, when things are slow.

I'd love to hear from you if you are experiencing any issues or problems that you think should be addressed. Contacting me here, will provide the best way of tracking issues.


A New Addition

My son joined this world on 3/4/2010 @ 2:20pm @ 7lbs 2oz, 21" tall with a head of dark hair.

His journey was a topsy turvy one, filled with flips and kicks, so much so he even managed to tie a little knot around his umbilical cord. If it hadn't been for close monitoring of his mother, we may have been less fortunate.

He's considered to be a "last minute" preemie baby, since he was born just a day before 37 weeks.

If you have any trouble viewing the slideshow below, please visit my "work in progress gallery" at,