Jockimo at Union Station

Part two of my series of projects in Ontario Canada:

A brief building description summarized from

Union Station had a long journey to its opening day in 1927. While construction started in 1914 it was

delayed both by WWI and the Grand Trunk Railway collapse of 1919. On top of that the station had completed construction in 1921 but remained closed due to legal disputes between the various stake holders that caused key infrastructure to also be delayed until 1924. More here

This was Designed in the traditions of the beaux-Arts style and was the most opulent station erected in Canada. The great hall is a four story barrel vaulted space with glass walls on the east and west ends.

Several architects collaborated on Union Station. Including the firm of G.A Ross and R.H, Hugh Jones, and John M. Lyle. More here.

Materials of the great hall (photographed)
Floors = Tennessee marble (Herringbone pattern)
Walls = Zumbro stone from Missouri
Ceiling = Gustavino tiles

(for more information visit or which is where this description is abridged from

Jockimo Flooring:

The glass walls on either end of the great hall hide the functioning corridors that connect various administrative areas. Jockimo's Glass Floor was the perfect solution to Keeping these hallways filled with as much natural daylight as possible.


The final Commercial Video for Jockimo

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Jockimo @ Waterloo Regional Museum

It's been a CRAZY month of work. I'm going to follow this up with alot more description within the next week, but I wanted to share this with you because of the Follow Friday Love I recieved from @zacuto_sue.

Essentially Jockimo was the Manufacturer of this Glass Flooring that encases an amazing feature of the "Crossroads" of history that the Waterloo Region Museum is all about. I have alot to share, but this video will wet your tastebuds.

Update 10/11/2010:

I'm pleased to announce that Jockimo has now released several final videos I've produced of their products over the last few months. They now have a youtube channel for disseminating these videos in just another outlet. I will be posting each of the projects on my blog as well. 

The video posted here is the final product for Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products along with their description:

Jockimo Inc. produced and provided our UL approved Crystal Clear™ glass flooring for the Waterloo Region Museum in Toronto, Canada. At the intersection of the alignment of Huron Road and Grand Trunk Railway train tracks, which are carried through the building, is our glass floor to accentuate the crossroads theme of the building. Due to the fact that our Crystal Clear™ glass is visually clear patrons can see the railroad tracks and rocks under our glass. The glass was cut to custom sizes to accommodate the design.