2014 Videotect Award Show

In years past, I've participated in a variety of ways in Architecture Minnesota's Videotect. This year I took part in preparing material for the live award show which took place at the Walker Art Center's big screen in March of 2014. Click over to Videotect to find out who won the jury prizes and Viewers’ Choice award

Below is the series elements that we produced:

1) A Show Opener to get the crowd excited about what was about to come for the night. 

2) I filmed and edited an introduction for the judges that was presented along with the live timed spoken introduction by the Master of Ceremonies, Editor of Architecture Minnesota Magazine, Chris Hudson.

3) We created introductory Titles for each of the videos being screened or awarded.these titles were developed from the great artwork of David Paul Seymour, who traditionally sets his talented sights on "THE ART OF ROCK AND ROLL" and was gracious enough to provide Architecture MN with some of his work for greeting cards, which can be found here. This is a series from this Viewers' Choice Segment.

4) Just for fun, we created a voting loop that played on screen throughout the voting process.

5) We also were sent various clips from the participants of this year's competition to edit a Blooper Reed that was aimed primarily at inside-jokes that referred back to the films they just watched.