Recent Work: 2013 Young Architect Award

Project Details

Title: 2013 AIA MN AIA Young Architect Award
Commissioned by: AIA Minnesota
Date: Winter 2013

The American Institute of Architects Minnesota bestowed the 2013 Young Architect Award upon
Eric Amel, AIA, of MSR;
Meredith Hayes Gordon, AIA, of Perkins + Will;
Meghan Kell, AIA, of Kell Architects;
Ryan Kronzer, AIA, of the Southwest Light Rail Transit Project; and 
David O'Brien Wagner, AIA, of SALA Architects.

These video interviews with the winners were filmed at the University of Minnesota Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis.

Behind the Scenes

Behind Scenes_Young Architect Award Weisman Art Museum_Ryan Siemers Photography Design_01.JPG


The goal of the piece was to be used first and foremost for an award show that was just a couple weeks away. We knew that we wanted the initial video to be short and simple while providing a glimpse into the personalities of the award Young Architect Award Recipients. We also knew that there's no such thing as a quick interview when it comes to video, so we'd hoped to have a fair amount of additional material for future features on each of our talented subjects. 

Editing Choices

To cut between our five subjects I choose to film from three angles to have the most latitude to edit between their answers and mannerisms to convey as much personality as possible.

We were lucky enough have access to the museum ahead of time to scout and select a location that was both lively but not too distracting. Additional considerations included power and space to have enough room to get the desired angles of our young designers.

Preparing for Success

It can be difficult to establish a report with your interview subject without having an extensive background or at least a casual relationship with them before the interview. I knew that given the constraints of our timeline for filming all 5 subjects in one afternoon and the number of technical areas I'd needed to pay attention to, that Chris Hudson, editor of Architecture MN, was the best person to put these rising star architects at ease while asking them each the same set of questions. 

Lights Camera Audio.jpg