in Brief

The largest SketchUp Models ever created and combined into one file (at least in 2008) while at Opus Architects & Engineers.

Lifestyle Center: Issaquah High Streets

This large scale development came to Opus A&E while the Opus NW office in Seattle was pursuing the project. The concept behind the HighStreets was “2nd Generation Occupancy”. To clarify you can think of this example: a Firehouse built in 1900, then turned into a was closed in the 50’s and then restored turned into a Bookstore

Project Fly Over

My Role & Experiences

Role in Brief:

CAD, Modeling & Rendering, Coordination, Photoshop, Presentation, Marketing

Phase I (as "intern architect")

(pt 2 of the Phase II animated model)

I first became involved with this project because of a quick time line to produce a presentation animation that focused on the core design concept of “2nd Generation Occupancy”. Our office was essentially asked to model a small town in the span of 10 days, with animation time included.

Role Description:

I and one other modeler divided the task into separate blocks for development with the animation and many of the site entourage left to me (this was before the sketchup warehouse had become so diverse in its component library). Then I animated the model and put it to music for part of their presentation to the partnering developer, which helped to convince them that we were the right team for the project.

Phase II (as “associate designer”)

(pt 3 of the Phase II animated model)

Once we won the project a larger team from Opus A&E and Opus NW was assembled to work through the schematic design and design development of the project. The project needed to be broken down into what amounted to 4 Blocks of buildings and several out-lots for restaurants, big box retailers, and an additional corner strip of shops.



Role Description: Four responsibilities

  • Coordinate A live model for designers across the country to contribute to and then review as a cohesive form.
  • Create a 3D 43 Acres Base Model, clearly illustrating the significant topography changes throughout the site.
  • Model 2 blocks of buildings for 2 separate designers, one in office, the other in Seattle.
  • Produce presentation site plans, leasing diagrams, renderings and animations for marketing efforts for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference.

Lessons Learned:

I learned how to train, coordinate, and delegate rather than taking on too many responsibilities myself. 

I also developed my understanding of rigorous data techniques that create a system where many individuals contribute to the whole and one which creates a level of certainty of where to find, maintain, and alter files.

This was also the first foray into my coordination efforts cross country, which helped me learn how to communicate clearly with all members of the team in multiple methods.