Lens Correction in Minneapolis

I just saw a friend post an image of downtown Minneapolis and it had me remembering this shot I did last fall during a beautiful day.

I was heading back from an AIA-MN convention and I ran into the site of one of my proposed projects for a highrise. It was a great day to play around with a little HDR and my wide angle lens. However it's not a Tilt-Shift lens leaving me with fiew options to deal with converging vertical lines, if I wanted the focus of my photo to be of the gap that still exists in this location of downtown.

These two images are a side by side comparison of a before and after of basic correcting for vertical distortion (called parallax) caused by a fixed lens.




Pella - Builder Days Tour

Oct. 4th - 6th I went traveled to Pella, IA for the Pella Builder Days. I covered the event and had a great time learning more about the quality of their manufacturing process and the passion that Pella has for creating a series of fantastic products. Architects, Designers, and Builders from the Midwest and East Coast representing 1/2 a dozen cities were there.

While I wasn't allowed to document the factory floor or the testing lab, I think we were all impressed with the streamlined process of their methods and the quality they provide each step of the way. Three things I took away from the tour personally. 1) The dedication that Pella had to reducing the amount of manufacturing waste that gets recycled. 2) The passion that each employee had about what they do. 3) The catering that they have on site, is fantastic. 

I've broken the images I took into 4 parts. You can bypass any slide show and go the the thumbnail gallery by clicking any of the larger images. You may copy any images from here for personal use. However please contact me for commercial use.

Des Moines Art Center (For more info Click Here)

Pella Education and Exhibitions (For more on Pella Click Here)

Vermeer Windmill Tour (For more info Click Here)

Downtown Pella, IA (For more info Click Here)