Bed Jumping


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Recently I was commissioned by the Hilton Garden Inn (Bloomington/Minneapolis) to create a video for an internal contest with their Parent Company. 

The goal was to get as many employees involved and enthusiastic about participating as possible. That wasn't a problem in the least. Every person who showed up for the shoot brought their smiles laughter and a great show of energy. 

The direction of the video was inspired by BedJump.com which is a favorite of some of the Management. 

In the near future, I'll be posting some of the stills from the shoot individually.

Exploring Base Camp

Produced for Architecture Minnesota Magazine, Exploring Base Camp is a series of 1-2 minute videos of the recently completed Historic Restoration by LHB for use by the Boy Scouts of America as an Urban Camp to connect young people to the outdoors and interactive experiences.

Click to explore Base Camp

The twelve 1-2 minute videos explore various elements of the building's history, restoration, and Base Camp's uses of the building today and the populations it serves.

This also represents an experiment in User Interface Design. Because of the multitude of video segments, the decision was reached to create an interactive map of Base Camp for viewers to explore on their own terms. Each of the buttons placed on the map correlate to subject of the film.

Lens Correction in Minneapolis

I just saw a friend post an image of downtown Minneapolis and it had me remembering this shot I did last fall during a beautiful day.

I was heading back from an AIA-MN convention and I ran into the site of one of my proposed projects for a highrise. It was a great day to play around with a little HDR and my wide angle lens. However it's not a Tilt-Shift lens leaving me with fiew options to deal with converging vertical lines, if I wanted the focus of my photo to be of the gap that still exists in this location of downtown.

These two images are a side by side comparison of a before and after of basic correcting for vertical distortion (called parallax) caused by a fixed lens.




The ProExpo

On Tax Day 2010, Pella put on a great event for Architects and Builders in Minnesota called "TheProExpo". Held at the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN.

This 100% Free event consisted of Burgers, Brats and free drinks and was a great opportunity to learn more about fantastic products and services while also being very well entertained by some fun activites including a baseball and football challenges. On top of that, up to $10,000 worth in prizes were given out.

Another great draw for Architects was the opportunity to receive several hours of Continuing Education Units as part of the presentations.

These are just some of the highlights. I'll be posting a link to a full gallery for attendies to view if their interested.