Award Video

If you pursuing an award or celebrating one you received, stand out from the crowd and tell a compelling story that engages the judges and future clients alike.

Highlight key features, present applied theory, give context for decisions, and give voice to your users through short films tailored to your project.


2013 AIA MN AIA Young Architect Award

Project Details

Commissioned by: AIA Minnesota
Date: Winter 2013

The American Institute of Architects Minnesota
bestowed the 2013 Young Architect Award upon
Eric Amel, AIA, of MSR;
Meredith Hayes Gordon, AIA, of Perkins + Will;
Meghan Kell, AIA, of Kell Architects;
Ryan Kronzer, AIA, of the Southwest Light Rail Transit Project; and
David O'Brien Wagner, AIA, of SALA Architects.

These video interviews with the winners were filmed at the University of Minnesota Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis.


2013 Affordable Housing Design Award

Project Details

Project: Renaissance Box

Commissioned by: AIA Minnesota & The McKnight Foundation

Architect: LHB

Developer: Aeon

Builder: Frerichs Construction

Date: Fall 2013

PRODUCTION Description

"Renaissance Box, an inspired renovation of an historic shoe factory in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, into 70 units of LEED-Gold affordable housing, was awarded the 2013 Affordable Housing Design Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota and the McKnight Foundation. Aeon developed the project, and LHB Corp. is the architect. This video tells the story of the project and its impact on the community.


With feedback and experience from Higher Ground,  the AIA and myself wanted to take a slightly different spin on how we presented what Renaissance Box achieves in it's location and design. Focusing on the purpose more than specific design details, in order to tell a motivational piece to the community of architects, developers, and builders who are committed to making a difference.


2012 Affordable Housing Design Award

Project Details

Project: Higher Ground

Commissioned by:  AIA Minnesota & The McKnight Foundation

Architect: Cermak Rhoades Architects

Developer/Owner: Catholic Charities

Builder: Frerichs Construction

Date: Spring 2013

PRODUCTION Description

"AIA Minnesota architects have a rich history of creating quality design,” says AIA Minnesota Past President, Jon Buggy, AIA. “We believe excellent design should be accessible to all. Through this first affordable housing design award, we demonstrate that belief and commitment. The recipient chosen to receive this inaugural award clearly reflects the impact that design has on a quality affordable housing project.”

“The McKnight Foundation supports a range of affordable housing strategies and systems to increase family stability and link families to opportunities,” explains Kate Wolford, McKnight’s president.

“Within that work, the Affordable Housing Design Award will help highlight the crucial role of design and architecture in the creation of affordable housing that is good both for people and for place — a critically important community asset.” 



As the first recipient of the Affordable Housing Design Award, the AIA wanted to use this opportunity to both introduce the award to the broader public as well as honor the design strategies that Higher Ground pioneers and incorporates - Ryan Siemers