Time Lapse Photography

Show how your project changes through time, analyse an existing site, or do post development analysis to learn how users actually behave in a place.

A compelling way to convey the impact your project by revealing the fourth dimension through Time lapse photography. Few other tools can be as informative and mesmerizing simultaneously. Research patterns from an existing site or pursue post development analysis in order to learn how users are actually behaving in what we often can only imagine through statistics.

Project Details

Located within the ruined walls of the National Historic Landmark Washburn A Mill, the Mill City Museum focuses on the stories of flour milling, water power, railroading, food product development, grain trading, and farming, as well as the related people, labor, and immigrant stories. With multiple entries on two levels, the museum functions as a porous link between downtown Minneapolis and the river. A destination place and must-see addition to the riverfront’s menu of cultural attractions, the museum furthers the City’s vision of reconnecting to its birthplace at Saint Anthony Falls.    - MS&R

Architect: Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle
Music: "Computer" by State Shirt
Learn: more about the project here.