The use of motion expresses time, depth, and function in a way that is far more tangible to our sense of place, than what a still image can deliver alone. Yet motion is only a parlor trick, unless it uses the art of composition and lighting, traditionally used by still photography.
 - Architectural Photographer and Architectural Filmmaker, Ryan Siemers

Architecture, is the living story of how society's values are reflected & affected by the built environment.

Architectural Filmmaker and Photographer, Ryan Siemers connects the work and personalities of the architects and designers who shape our world, to the broader community. 

Ryan brings the story of their work to life through compelling time-lapse photography, thoughtful narrative, choreographed camera movement, and vignettes of details and interaction within the built environment.

Ryan's architectural design career and background in urban studies make him uniquely qualified to convey your story to your target audience.

His flexible approach to production (budgeting, narrative discovery, script development, leverage existing firm assets, and creating new ones), makes him an ideal candidate for projects of any size.