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Attention is the hardest thing to capture. Retain your audience by building an interactive experience that they can immerse themselves in. When you're project has many stories to tell,  consider an approach that allows your audience choose a path of experience.


North Star Council: Base Camp

That seemed like the most fitting concept for "Base Camp", a project designed by LHB Corporation for The Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America. 

This series of short films highlights the various aspects of this project's design, program, and historic renovation.

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Interactive Series
Base Camp: Planning

A brief introduction to Northern Star Council's mission for Base Camp, where Base Camp is located, and the working relationship that developed with LHB Corporation as the Design Firm that helped them make their vision a reality.


Base Camp: Program

A "program", is one the organizing force that guides how a building will function, who will use it, and where activities will take place. Base Camp's program was driven by a need for flexibility and an open program that allows either many things to take place simultaneously or large gatherings focused on one goal.


Base Camp: Courageous Action

It took vision, leadership, and courageous action by the Northern Star Council to make a blind bid for the Fort Snelling Calvary Drill Hall, that has become the home of a prototype program known as Base Camp.

An early role that LHB Corp played, was in developing concept drawings which were used to successfully raise enough funds to make the North Star Council's vision for an Urban Camp Site for the Boy Scouts a reality.

Base Camp: Location, Location, Location

They say "location" is your most important asset to any home. If that's the case, Base Camp hit the Jackpot when they found the Fort Snelling Calvary Drill Hall. Where else can you find access to 2 national parks, historic landmarks, light rail, freeway, and bike trail access all at your door step?

Base Camp: User Groups

Base Camp serves multiple communities (sometimes simultaneously). Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school groups, corporate retreats and events, banquets, and other social events and meetings can all take advantage of this location.

This night we join about 50 Boy Scouts from Troop 100 as they celebrate their connection with Base Camp through scaling walls, walking the ropes course, and proving their skills on the archery range.

Base Camp - Endurance

Join this group of students and their chaperones as they take on this challenge rising three stories above the earth.

It takes presence of mind, fortitude of will, and endurance of courage to take on this climbing wall and ropes course at Base Camp at Fort Snelling's Historic Calvary Drill Hall.

Base Camp: American Graffiti

The Fort Snelling Calvary Drill Hall has been a home to troops since 1907 through WWII and even has even seen a send off to troops since its renovation by the North Star Council. You can experience a bit of that  history just by visiting the east and west entrances where soldiers would scratch their names into the soft brick.

Base Camp - Active Learning

Base Camp delivers their mission of "Inspiring Active Learning" through a wide variety of games, activities, and challenges. Just one example that is demonstrated in this clip, is archery. This sport is growing in popularity with the rise of popular novels like the Hunger Games. Valuable lessons such as finding calmness, achieving focus, and the need for practice can all be found in just this one activity.

Base Camp: 1907 Trusty Technology

The 1907 Fort Snelling Calvary Drill Hall which became the home for Base Camp was an advanced design for its era of construction. The Trusses that held up a massive slate roof have a feature that allowed them to expand and contract with the hot and cool temperature swings seen in Minnesota's seasons. 

Base Camp:  Amphitheater

One thing that is common at every camp is the camp fire or gathering space that brings everyone together. The Amphitheater at Base Camp embodies that tradition. It also provides a unique solution to meeting those goals while maintaining the feeling of openness to that would have been felt originally on the interior of this renovated 1907 Calvary Drill hall at Fort Snelling.


Base Camp - Window Restoration

When the North Star Council bought the Fort Snelling Calvary Drill Hall, many of the original windows and doors to the building were either boarded up or sealed with brick. Close attention was paid to restoring these opening's to their original form.

Pre Construction / Historic Photos Courtesy of Mark Gustafson
Construction Photos Courtesy of North Star Council

Base Camp: Library